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  1. indecisivepizza

    NYM - PHI

    The Phillies and Mets have agreed to a post-rollover deal! Mets send: SP Hope van Dyne 4.5p MLC Total: $0 Phillies (@Mr. Deez) sends: 2B Estienne LaFitte 2.5 $613,500 2077 6th Round Pick Total: $613,500
  2. indecisivepizza

    NYM - LAA

    The Angels and Mets have agreed to a post-rollover deal! Mets send: 2B Sean Volz 1.5p MLC Total: $0 Angels (@Madsheep) sends: 1B Jeffrey Opitz 2.0 $4,500,000 2078 3rd Round Pick from BOS via LAA Total: $4,500,000
  3. indecisivepizza

    SEA - CLE

    Seattle and Cleveland have agreed to a deal! SEA send: 1B William Perry 3.0 $5,170,000 Total: $5,170,000 CLE (@cbenoit108) sends: 2077 3rd Round Pick RF Julius “Doctor” Hibbert 5.0p MLC Total: $0
  4. indecisivepizza

    SEA - KC

    The Mariners and the Royals have agreed to a deal! Mariners send: 4th round pick (via SEA via CHC) The Scrub - SP Pio Mendoza 1.0p MLC Total: $0 Royals (@Cameron) sends: MR Carlos Guerrero 1.0 $563,500 Total: $563,500
  5. indecisivepizza

    SEA - DET

    The Mariners and the Tigers have agreed to a deal! Mariners send: MR Sebastian Rice, 2.5, $613,500 Total: $613,500 Tigers (@jussSAYIN) sends: 1B Bernard Nadler, 4.5p, MLC 2077 1st Round Pick Total: $0
  6. indecisivepizza

    SEA - COL

    The Mariners and the Rockies have agreed to a deal! Mariners send: MR William Lando, 1.5, $1,120,000 Total: $1,120,000 Rockies (@cbenoit108) sends: 1B Carl Brutanadewski, 3.5p, MLC 2077 4th Round Pick Total: $0
  7. indecisivepizza

    NYM - MIA

    The Mets and Marlins have agreed to a deal! Mets receive: SP Bill Lesperance 2.5p MLC Total: $0 Marlins (@sports24/7) receive: 3B Cody Ferron 3.0p MLC Total: $0
  8. indecisivepizza

    SEA - BOS - KC

    Take 2! @Mach let me know if you want this in another thread... The Red Sox (@ucfinfan86) receive: CL John Muir 4.0 $4,060,000 (from Seattle) SP Carl Greer 3.0 $8,560,000 (from Kansas City) RF Evan Lake 2.5 $3,000,000 (from Seattle) Total: $15,620,000 Mariners receive: SP Tsunehiro Shusake...
  9. indecisivepizza

    NYM - CHI (A)

    The Mets and Chisox have agreed to a league altering deal! Mets send: MR Gary Copenhaver 2.5p MLC Total: $0 Chisox (@TheSeige) sends: 1B David Sinn 2.5p MLC Total: $0
  10. indecisivepizza

    NYM - SD, The Sequel

    Leo is a man with a hunger, and tonight he gets his meal: The Peppered Cobb, a new favorite at Lasky’s Bar Mets send: SP Rick Levitan 3.5p MLC 2B Bob Cobb 3.5p MLC 3B Tom Pepper 3.5p MLC Total: $0 San Diego (@HollywoodLeo) sends: SP Rickey Libbey 4.5p MLC 3B Jeannie Steinman 3.0p MLC CF...
  11. indecisivepizza

    SEA - CHI (N)

    The Mariners and the Cubs have agreed to a deal! Mariners send: MR Julian Elizalde, 5.0p, MLC Total: $0 Cubs (@Prez Wilco) sends: 3B Stephen Johnson, 1.0, $563,500 2077 3rd Round Pick 2077 4th Round Pick Total: $563,500
  12. indecisivepizza

    Mets Extensions

    SP Providence, John - 860Kx2, 1x2, 860Kx1 (it says he wants just 860K, if that's a glitch let me know so I don't piss him off :lmao2:) 1B Gadsden, Oronde - 5X1 2B Cuervo, Jose - 2 year min, 1 year min, 750Kx1, 750Kx2 2B Tyree, James - 1x1 2B Blankenship, Michael, 1.75x1 RF Romanova, Natalia -...
  13. indecisivepizza

    NYM - STL

    The Mets and Cardinals have agreed to a deal! Mets send: LF Daniel Pugh 2.0 $885,714 Total: $563,500 Cardinals (@BearsDreamer) sends: 2076 2.8 2076 3rd round pick Scrub of BD's choosing Total: $0 (sans the scrub)
  14. indecisivepizza

    Seattle Extensions

    Please try the following for C Ben Grimm: 1.5X3, 2X3, 2.5X3 - If he gets impatient stop the negotiations please!
  15. indecisivepizza

    SEA - NYY

    Both the Mariners and Mets rushed to field the Yankees' call, but the Mariners manage to make the deal! Mariners send: C Gaby Navarro 3.0p $563,500 Total: $563,500 Yankees (@Hammer) sends: 2077 2nd Round Pick Total: $0
  16. indecisivepizza

    NYM - SD

    Mets send: 2.12 (from Miami) 2076 7th round pick Total: $0 San Diego (@HollywoodLeo) sends: MR Jonah Martinez 1.0 $1,300,000 2076 4th 2077 3rd 2077 4th Total: $1,300,000
  17. indecisivepizza

    Mets Trade Block

    Bumping before the deadline! Some genuine talents available, come and get your playoff saviors! Providence - - plug and play premier SP 2 Gadsden - - recent player of the week, 18 homers and 65 RBIs to his name...
  18. indecisivepizza

    David Johnson/Benny Snell

    Writing up my card, making the call between a couple of dudes rn, but in the interim: Looking for a mid-high 3rd for either David Johnson or Benny Snell. If you're interested hit me up.
  19. indecisivepizza

    2020 GML Arizona Cardinals

    I'm going to take a page out of @ucfinfan86's book and have some writeups/logs/explanations of my chaos. So without further ado - here's the thinking behind some of my moves (in order): Neither is going anywhere (especially Maxx), and the restructures saved me upwards of 8 million. P obvious.
  20. indecisivepizza

    Arizona Cardinals Trade Block

    2020 GML Arizona Cardinals Team Needs: BPA For those who are used to my play style/activity level, I'm unfortunately much more preoccupied than years past; I expect I will be far more reactive than proactive than years past. But I'll do my best to keep up with all you scoundrels. NAME...