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  1. LovelyLamar

    Looking to move up

    I have: 127 142 148 180 188 Lmk if you're looking to trade back
  2. LovelyLamar

    3.65 Trade Back

    As is my custom, I'm looking to move back here. Trying to improve my later picks. I have: 4.109 4.142 5.148 6.188 Let me know if you'd like to move up
  3. LovelyLamar

    2.54 & 2.55

    Looking to move back from one or both of these picks, let me know if you want to move up.
  4. LovelyLamar


    I'll be open for business here more than likely. If you see someone falling that you don't want to risk getting to you, I'm open to moving down a few spots
  5. LovelyLamar


    Looking to move back from this pick, as I usually am. Let me know if you'd like to move up.
  6. LovelyLamar

    1.32 looking to move back

    Let me know if you want to move up. Don't miss out on the next positional run or the player you've had your eye on.
  7. LovelyLamar

    1.28 Trade Back

    Looking to move back from this pick, message me if you're interested
  8. LovelyLamar

    1.18 on the block

    Looking to move back, not particular on how far.
  9. LovelyLamar

    1.13 on the block

    Looking to trade back a ways, late first or into the second.
  10. LovelyLamar

    Draft Guide Sharing

    I feel a bit dumb posting this since I don't really have specific suggestions like I have in years past, but as I do every year I wanted to ask about sharing draft guides. If anyone has a draft guide but has their eye on another one I can buy that other one and trade, or I can paypal someone if...
  11. LovelyLamar

    Colts Trade Block

    Any player is available, I am looking to add talent at WR and TE. Player Cap Number if Traded (Starting price in total trade value negotiations) I've reached agreements for Brissett, TY Hilton, Parris Campbell, Marlon Mack, and Quenton Nelson. Darius Leonard $1,138,892 (Early 1st) Rookie...
  12. LovelyLamar

    OT Brandon Parker on the block for a move up

    I'm trying to move up in the draft from 7.196 to an imminent pick.if the guy you're targeting is a sleeper who will prob be available later, you can trade back and add a developmental tackle who was the 65th overall pick last year (with Bakhtiari Marcus Gilbert Kolton Miller and Cajuste I am...
  13. LovelyLamar

    Looking to move up from 55

    I can send 4.100 Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  14. LovelyLamar

    Trading Draft Guides

    I didn't properly thank everyone last time, it was really helpful to get to dig into other draft guides. I haven't gotten any yet, but if anyone has gotten one but is also interested in another, I can buy that one and trade. I'm def interested in the PFF one every year. Sent from my Pixel 3...
  15. LovelyLamar


    The Raiders area interested in trading for one. If anyone wants to start a dialogue I'm open to negotiate.
  16. LovelyLamar

    Raiders Trade Block

    Player Cap # if Traded Tahir Whitehead $2,950,000 Like a lot of Raiders defenders, he struggled last year on a hopeless team, but in 2017 he was one of the best off-ball linebackers in the league. Jordy Nelson $3,000,000 Had an underrated resurgence last year despite a horrible...
  17. LovelyLamar

    2019 TBD Raiders

    2019 TBD Raiders Player Name CAP # (CUT DEAD MONEY / CAP # IF TRADED) Quarterback Russell Wilson $17,000,000 Josh Johnson $645,000 Running Back Raheem Mostert $645,000 Ty Montgomery $745,000 Dexter Williams $645,000 Tight End Jared Cook $5,500,000 Levine Toilolo $645,000 Darren Waller...
  18. LovelyLamar

    List "your" prospects you missed out on

    I'm not sure if we've done this in years past, but I thought it would be fun to post a list of the players you wanted that you missed out on. This could also be list of your favorite picks from other teams if you want to give a shout out
  19. LovelyLamar

    Kolton Miller and 3.73

    Putting the pick and the player on the block. Miller is a first round lock. Kiper only ranks based on what he's hearing from NFL sources and he has him 13th. Adjusted for size Miller is one of the most athletic prospects at any position of all time. His athleticism matters because he has an...
  20. LovelyLamar


    I am looking to move down. Obviously willing to take a hit on TVC. I have to pick early tomorrow so feel free to send offers