'17 GML Free Agency Rules

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May 21, 2014
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When Does Free Agency Start
Free agency's start date is listed in the GML timeline and will posted here when someone gets a chance.

The New Process
In the past, free agency had been a chore to navigate through a myriad of names in a single post. This year is different. Each street free agent and free agent proper will receive their own thread for their bidding. Street Free Agents will be rolled out at 12:00AM ET on 2/25/17, beginning with the top signings from the reserved/futures contracts & players cut already this season, with a thread dedicated for guys that would like added to their lists. Players will have a thread in their dedicated position folder and bids will be made in the players thread.

It's essentially the same format as last season, only with more threads and less posts inside one central thread.

League Minimums/Maximums
The veteran minimum for GML 2017 is $540,000. No bid less than this number will be accepted. There is no maximum bid.

Bid Increases
If you are not the first bid on a player, you must increase your bid the following amounts, depending on what the bid currently is on the player.

For players with bids under $1,000,000 you must increase by $100,000.
For players with bids between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000 you must increase by $250,000.
For players with bids over $5,000,000, you must increase your bid by $500,000.

The Bid Format
Please include your team and the amount you're bidding.
- EXAMPLE: In Jon Ritchie's thread...someone would post Raiders bid $4,000,000.

1. ONLY post bids in the player's threads. Make sure you double check that you are bidding on the correct player, because non-minimum bids are non-retractable. Please do not post that you are done bidding on a player, comment on how high the bid has gotten, or welcome your players in their threads. This will make it easier for tracking purposes.

2. After 24 hours, if a bid has not been raised, the player will sign with his team and the player's thread will be closed and officially signed for the team with the highest bid. This should remove a lot of clutter that we've had in the past, and make it easier for bid updaters to do their jobs.

3. DO NOT POST PLAYER THREADS YOURSELF. Witlon will get to every free agent you want in a timely manner, believe me.

4. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE YOUR POSTS. Mistakes happen, we know. A quick reply can solve the problem.

Jon Ritchie has a thread in the Street Free Agent/Running Backs sub-forum. Oakland bids $925,000 for him. The bid is not increased in 24 hours, Ritchie signs with Oakland for that bid.

The Street Free Agency Process
As you may have noticed, the rosters for GML were locked directly after Week 17 of the NFL ended, so your rosters only contained your team's active rosters & injured reserved/suspended players. This means your practice squad and reserve/futures signees are treated as street free agents.

The Unrestricted Free Agency Process
Each GM will nominate a FA in each Nomination period. There will be at least 4 such periods. The nominating GM will start with a slightly higher than minimum bid on the FA to avoid retraction and other such issues.

The leftover players will be released after the waves are scheduled to end and a "free-for-all" type period will commence on those players, which will follow all free agency rules.

Cut Players
Cut players will be added to the Street FA list in their position sub-forum at 8:00 AM ET, on the day after they are cut. Don't fret if you don't get around to bidding right away, remember, they'll be available for at least 24 hours to bid on.

Free Agency & The Cap
Teams cannot go over the salary cap with their bids (not including draft pick salaries). Do not bid more money than you have. Make sure you have enough space for your free agents when bidding. If we catch anyone doing this, all subsequent bids will be forfeited. If you need more room to make a bid, you must cut a player before placing that bid. Reminder, the salary cap for 2017 is $168,000,000. A file will be kept updated daily (hopefully), on a Google Sheets page to help you out in knowing your number, but nothing is easier to help keep track than keeping an updated team page.

If you are caught going over the cap with any bid, all of your bids after and including this bid that would take you over the cap are voided.

NOTE: Also keep in mind how much your draft pick salaries are because you'll need room to sign them if you do. You do not have to have the required space before the picks are made, but you must have the space when you go to sign them. You can find those numbers in the Draft Rules thread.

Cutting Signed Free Agents
You can cut a player you signed in free agency but will absorb the entire value of his contract as dead money. This excludes players that you signed for the veteran minimum, they can be released with no dead money charge. You CANNOT use a June 1st exception on them.

If a player you sign or trade for retires, there is NO Dead Money involved. I hate you all a little less this year. That player is removed from your roster altogether though.

Trading Signed Free Agents
You cannot trade players you sign in free agency. The lone exception to this are players signed for the minimum. You may trade your franchised/transitioned players' rights or tendered RFA rights.

Compensatory Picks for Free Agents Lost
The 32 highest paid UFAs heading to a new team will net their former team a comp pick. These will be decided and awarded before the draft.

Franchised/Tagged Players rules.

BIDDING OPENS: 3/25/17 at 12:00 AM ET.
BIDDING CLOSES: 3/26/17 at 11:59 PM ET.
MATCHING BEGINS: 3/26/17 at 12:00 AM ET. (Just post whether you're matching your not. This is also the best time to work out a trade, if you wish.)
MATCHING ENDS: 3/27/17 at 11:59 PM ET. (If you have not matched a bid by this point, the player is officially signed by the highest bidder.)

1. Tagged/Franchised players will be stickied to the top of forums.

2. Starting bids are their tag number, standard free agency increase is required.

3. Please list your picks in the round (to be confirmed), if you're bidding on guys that require draft pick compensation.

FORMAT: Oakland bids $13,000,000 on franchised FB Jon Ritchie. Picks: 1-13 & 1-31

4. Bids on players with compensation MAY be retracted, but if you retract, you may not return to bid on the player. Players that require no compensation, bids can NOT be retracted.

5. You may not use your draft pick elsewhere (bidding on another tagged guy) if your bid is currently active UNLESS you trade said pick(s) for the tagged player, and then you would acquire his rights.

6. You (obviously) may NOT go over the cap with any of your bids on tagged guys.

7. You have 24 hours to increase the bid on a tagged guy, after that bidding closes. This is so we don't have any late snipers that increase right before closing.

8. If no bids have occurred on a player, they will be officially signed for their tag price with full dead money.

9. If you wish to increase your bid within the 24 hour period, to attempt to prevent a matching, you're more than welcome to. (Like, say, a 'Final Bid' of sorts.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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May 21, 2014
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Please note some of the changes to the rules.
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