Modified Fantasy Defensive Scoring

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Constantly Terrified
Jan 9, 2016
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So last year the group in my Fantasy League of Record asked me to come up with a modified fantasy scoring system. Basically they asked me for 2 things:

1.) Make it so defenses cannot go negative
2.) Make defensive scoring act more like scoring for fantasy position players.

So I came up with something and I want opinions since I plan to take this live in my league next year or maybe you guys may like this and adopt it. So here is Version 1.0 of my defensive scoring system.

I also included the Highest and Lowest Scoring D/ST team that was started in my league the first 3 weeks so you can see difference.

Week 1 Highest Scoring Defense: Minnesota Vikings
Standard Scoring: 16
Modified Scoring: 16.6

Week 1 Lowest Scoring Defense: New Orleans Saints
Standard Scoring: -5
Modified Scoring: 1.7

Week 2 Highest Scoring Defense: Khalil Mack
Standard Scoring: 18
Modified Scoring: 18.2

Week 2 Lowest Scoring Defense: New England Patriots
Standard Scoring: -1
Modified Scoring: 3.6

Week 3 Highest Scoring Defense: Khalil Mack (again)
Standard Scoring: 12
Modified Scoring: 11.2

Week 3 Lowest Scoring Defense: Cincinnati Bengals
Standard Scoring: 0
Modified Scoring: 2.4

Here is how I score it:
Defensive TD = 6 pts
Kick Return TD = 6 pts
Punt Return TD = 6 pts
INT = 1 pt
Forced Fumble = 1 pt
Fumble Recovery = 1 pt
SACK = 1 pt
Tackle for Loss = 0.1 pt
Safety = 2 pts
Blocked Kick = 2 pts
Pass Defended = 0.1 pt
2PT Return = 4

I found that this scoring keeps the higher scores closest to the standard scoring model. I took away all the negative points for yards and points.