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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:mad: Mad Mad
:p Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue
;) Wink Wink
:D Big Grin Big Grin
:o Embarrassment Embarrassment
:) Smile Smile
:( Frown Frown
:confused: Confused Confused
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: EEK! EEK!
:lmao: lmao lmao
:woot: woot woot
:shrug: shrug shrug
:shock: shock shock
:bb: bb bb
:lol: lol lol
:shifty: shifty shifty
:madfu: madfu madfu
:rofl: rofl rofl
:wtf: wtf wtf
:hoppy: Hoppy Hoppy
:tantrum: tantrum tantrum
:evil: evil evil
:nod: nod nod
:goofylol: goofylol goofylol
:tard: tard tard
:pity: pity pity
:spiderman: spiderman spiderman
:amaredamn: amaredamn amaredamn
:shithitsfan: shithitsfan shithitsfan
:stewie: stewie stewie
:uplol: uplol uplol
:drakehah: drakehah drakehah
:closeenough: closeenough closeenough
:dunnoshrug: dunnoshrug dunnoshrug
:eyebrow: eyebrow eyebrow
:yeahthat: yeahthat: yeahthat:
:dunno: dunno dunno
:cartman: cartman cartman
:pose: pose pose
:problem: problem problem
:probe: probe probe
:bugeye: bugeye bugeye
:cmonson: cmonson cmonson
:challengedenied: challengedenied challengedenied
:srs: srs srs
:bla: bla bla
:umno: umno umno
:angel2: angel2 angel2
:quagmire: quagmire quagmire
:killme: killme killme
:help: help help
:pokerface: pokerface pokerface
:yourmom: yourmom yourmom
:banghead: banghead banghead
:bushlol: bushlol bushlol
:challengeaccepted: challengeaccepted challengeaccepted
:teabag: teabag teabag
:bitchslap: bitchslap bitchslap
:truestory: truestory truestory
:angel1: angel1 angel1
:jerkit: jerkit jerkit
:fu1: fu1 fu1
:tohah: tohah tohah
:norvpalm1: norvpalm1 norvpalm1
:deadhorse: deadhorse deadhorse
:lock: lock lock
:bill: bill bill
:rimshot: rimshot rimshot
:popcorn1: popcorn1 popcorn1
:goatse: goatse goatse
:cam: cam cam
:yatesing: yatesing yatesing
:thumbsup: thumbsup thumbsup
:bucs: bucs bucs
:smirk: smirk smirk
:norvpalm: norvpalm norvpalm
:bs: bs bs
:blink: blink blink
:wtf2: wtf2 wtf2
:facepalm: facepalm facepalm
:golfclap: golfclap golfclap
:trolldance: trolldance trolldance
:pause: pause pause
:whistlin: whistlin whistlin
:hmm: hmm hmm
:smile: smile smile
:no: no no
:baby: baby baby
:irked: irked irked
:tired: tired tired
:wavefinger: wavefinger wavefinger
:elracist: elracist elracist
:hehehe: hehehe hehehe
:maybe: maybe maybe
:homo: homo homo
:violin: violin violin
:ladendead: ladendead ladendead
:laughingguy: laughingguy laughingguy
:b&b: b&b b&b
:popcorn: popcorn popcorn
:andits2: andits2 andits2
:thinking: thinking thinking
:thefuck: thefuck thefuck
:tebow: tebow tebow
:kghah: kghah kghah
:yuno: yuno yuno
:ban: ban ban
:facepalm1: facepalm1 facepalm1
:datass2: datass2 datass2
:hemad: hemad hemad
:andits: andits andits
:waisis: waisis waisis
:scared: scared scared
:bringit: bringit bringit
:winning: winning winning
:moss: moss moss
:dead2: dead2 dead2
:umad: umad umad
:couch: couch couch
:check: check check
:datass: datass datass
:fuckyea: fuckyea fuckyea
:sw: sw sw
:cuss: cuss cuss
:hello: hello hello
:brakos: brakos brakos
:runaway: runaway runaway
:dead: dead dead
:trolldad: trolldad trolldad
:cheers: cheers cheers
:koolaid: koolaid koolaid
:sadto: sadto sadto
:f7u12: f7u12 f7u12
:onoes: onoes onoes
:head: Head Head
:mcnugget: mcnugget mcnugget
:pimp: pimp pimp
:mrd: mrd mrd
:birdhah: birdhah birdhah
:troll: troll troll
:barf: barf barf
:facepalm2: facepalm2 facepalm2
:ilike: ilike ilike
:doitfaggot: doitfaggot doitfaggot
:racist: racist racist
:what: what what
:dumbass: dumbass dumbass
:clint: clint clint
:likeaboss: Like a Boss Like a Boss
:dinopause: dinopause dinopause
:rickroll: Rick Roll Rick Roll
:125: 125 125
:gold: gold gold
:coinflip: Coinflip Coinflip
:taunt: taunt taunt
:fuckthistoo: fuckthistoo fuckthistoo
:allofthethings: all of the things all of the things
:obamahmmw: obamahmmw obamahmmw
:mckayla: mckayla mckayla
:homeboy: homeboy homeboy
:dealwithitcat: dealwithitcat dealwithitcat
:innegan: innegan innegan
:faggotdog: faggotdog faggotdog
:40lol: 40lol 40lol
:kobelol: kobelol kobelol
:chuckle: chuckle chuckle
:redx: Red x Red x
:pryncedream: pryncedream pryncedream
:ctg: ctg ctg
:popcorncolbert: popcorncolbert popcorncolbert
:trollslap: :trollslap: :trollslap:
:toosoon: Too Soon? Too Soon?
:doitmofo: doitmofo doitmofo
:k: k k
:chan: chan chan
:nopenopenope: Nope nope nope Nope nope nope
:duckhunt: duckhunt duckhunt
:aliens: aliens aliens
:notagain: notagain notagain
:spok: spok spok
:ellenspit: ellen spit ellen spit
:nothingtodohere: Nothing to do here Nothing to do here
:pachah: pachah pachah
:dealwithit: dealwithit dealwithit
:haha: haha haha
:craig: craig craig
:incon: incon incon
:twitch: twitch twitch
:mindblown: mindblown mindblown
:iseeu: iseeu iseeu
:newguy: :newguy: :newguy:
:poke: Poke Poke
:grudenkayla: grudenkayla grudenkayla
:twss: twss twss
:lolly: lolly lolly
:thinice: Thin Ice Thin Ice
:allegedly: allegedly allegedly
:awwyeah: awwyeah awwyeah
:itsatrap: Its a trap Its a trap
:swinger: swinger swinger
:church: Church Church
:english: English English
:honeybadger: Honey Badger Honey Badger
:smellbs: smellbs smellbs
:ckyuck: ckyuck ckyuck
:camtroll: Cam Troll Cam Troll
:nasmad: nasmad nasmad
:larry: Larry Larry
:conan: conan conan
:bow: bow bow
:huh: huh huh
:sweetjesus: sweetjesus sweetjesus
:fpthefuck: fpthefuck fpthefuck
:goeshard: goeshard goeshard
:willard: Willard Willard
:smitty: Smitty Smitty
:grannypaints: grannypaints grannypaints
:smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
:kobedeathstare: kobedeathstare kobedeathstare
:martin: martin martin
:fuckthis: fuckthis fuckthis
:killitwithfire: kill it with fire kill it with fire
:goat: goat goat
:badass: badass badass
:brie: Brie Brie
:bert: bert bert
:banned: Banned Banned
:sarcasm2: sarcasm2 sarcasm2
:upton: upton upton
:callbs: callbs callbs
:peggy: peggy peggy
:kobe: kobe kobe
:queen: Queen Queen
:chrishansen: chrishansen chrishansen
:tinker: tinker tinker
:blahblah: blahblah blahblah
:hug: hug hug
:soonhamster: soonhamster soonhamster
:iseeu2: iseeu2 iseeu2
:cosbycmonson: cosbycmonson cosbycmonson
:whywhywhy: Why Why why Why Why why
:fuckyou3: fuckyouandyouandyou fuckyouandyouandyou
:sam: sam sam
:k9fou: k9fou k9fou
:dcyes: DC Yes DC Yes
:awesome: awesome awesome
:frygif: frygif frygif
:fuckthisshit: fuckthisshit fuckthisshit
:leostrut: leostrut leostrut
:conchords: Conchords Conchords
:staringleo: staringleo staringleo
:rst: RST RST
:notbadkane: notbadkane notbadkane
:swlol: swlol swlol
:beardofzeus: beardofzeus beardofzeus
:why: why why
:kennybayless: kennybayless kennybayless
:mach: mach mach
:caseofemotion: caseofemotion caseofemotion
:drool: drool drool
:anyone: anyone anyone
:harperclown: harperclown harperclown
:kobe10: kobe10 kobe10
:liveplanet: :liveplanet: :liveplanet:
:crybabyv: crybabyv crybabyv
:toodamnhigh: Too Damn High Too Damn High
:kermitfap: Fapping Kermit Fapping Kermit
:exquisite: exquisite exquisite
:olawd: o lawd o lawd
:broncos420: broncos420 broncos420
:qft: qft qft
:peyturtle: peyturtle peyturtle
:megusta: megusta megusta
:wantsthed: wantsthed wantsthed
:fap: southpark fap southpark fap
:wtfstache: mustachev mustachev
:sarcasm: Sarcasm Sarcasm
:sadwalk: sadwalk sadwalk
:mog: :mog: :mog:
:lurk: lurk lurk
:smartenup: smartenup smartenup
:nou: Machs Creepy Smilie Machs Creepy Smilie
:shitjustgotreal: shitjustgotreal shitjustgotreal
:hateit: hateit hateit
:haters: haters haters
:businesscat: businesscat businesscat
:jack: jack jack
:almosthumor: almosthumor almosthumor
:drunkleo: drunkleo drunkleo
:good: good good
:success: success success
:cmonson2: cmonson2 cmonson2
:thisguy: This guy This guy
:notbad: notbad notbad
:cy: cy cy
:manning: Manning Manning
:almostgaf: almostgaf almostgaf
:yes1: yes1 yes1
:cgf: cgf cgf
:coffee: coffee coffee
:twss2: twss2 twss2
:down: :down: :down:
:yuck2: 23icry1 23icry1
:over9000: over 900 over 900
:omgomgomg: omgomgomg omgomgomg
:motherofgod: motherofgod motherofgod
:itoldyouso: itoldyouso itoldyouso
:schulz: schulz schulz
:tyrion: tyrion tyrion
:nyaa: nyaa nyaa
:xcmonson: xcmonson xcmonson
:eddie: :eddie: :eddie:
:badumtsss: badumtsss badumtsss
:llamadgaf: llama don't give a fuck llama don't give a fuck
:2cents: 2cents 2cents
:bazinga: bazinga bazinga
:gimpfap: gimp fap gimp fap
:waka: waka waka
:chillin: chillin chillin
:saved: saved saved
:raiderwtf: raiderwtf raiderwtf
:butthurt: butthurt butthurt
:imout: Im out Im out
:adams: adams adams
:yesbaby: yesbaby yesbaby
:elolite: elolite elolite
:spidermanfap: spidermanfap spidermanfap
:cosbysnicker: cosbysnicker cosbysnicker
:comeatme: comeatmebrov comeatmebrov
:frydog: frydog frydog
:notgivingafuck: notgivingafuck notgivingafuck
:iswudt: iswudt iswudt
:homer: homer homer
:yes: yes yes
:omg4: omg4 omg4
:nope: nope nope
:yaocmonson: yaocmonson yaocmonson
:mayhem: Mayhem Mayhem
:adios: adios adios
:doit: Do it Do it
:soon: soon soon
:jive: :jive: :jive:
:dwispin: dwispin dwispin
:biggumswtf: biggumswtf biggumswtf
:prepareyouranus: Prepare your anus Prepare your anus
:icame: icame icame
:bush: bush bush
:coolstorybro: cool story bro cool story bro
:charlie: Charlie Charlie
:scheme: Scheme Scheme
:ducklipfresco: ducklipfresco ducklipfresco
:notfunny: notfunny notfunny
:clevergirl: Clever Girl Clever Girl
:kobeyuck: kobeyuck kobeyuck
:shutup: shutup shutup
:mybodyisready: mybodyisready mybodyisready
:ferretno: ferretno ferretno
:new: new new
:gomez: gomez gomez
:lolumad: lolumad lolumad
:shaqwhatever: shaqwhatever shaqwhatever
:topic: :topic: :topic:
:stirpot: Stir Pot Stir Pot
:yesyesyes: yesyesyes yesyesyes
:iregretnothing: I regret nothing I regret nothing
:soon2: soon2 soon2
:dramacat: Drama Cat Drama Cat
:dance: dance dance
:bawse: bawse bawse
:notrust: No Trust No Trust
:okay: okay okay
:oooooh: oooooh oooooh
:cokesniff: coke sniff coke sniff
:this: this this
:stare2: stare2 stare2
:golfclap1: glofclap1 glofclap1
:mindatomicblown: mindatomicblown mindatomicblown
:youcantexplainthat: you cant explain that you cant explain that
:noahohno: unled2jc unled2jc
:samfp: samfp samfp
:interestingman: interestingman interestingman
:dgaf: dgaf dgaf
:judgejudy: judge judy judge judy
:fry: fry fry
:kane: kane kane
:mikewhoa: mikewhoa mikewhoa
:house: house house
:iamsosorry: I am so Sorry I am so Sorry
:shush: shush shush
:babylol: babylol babylol
Walt Coleman Walt Coleman Walt Coleman
:kipyes: Kip Yes Kip Yes
:batmandatass: batman dat ass batman dat ass
:nancy: nancy nancy
:hue: hue hue
:didntreadlol: Didntreadlol Didntreadlol
:comonman: :comonman: :comonman:
:billy: Billy the Witch Doctor Billy the Witch Doctor
:melol: melol melol
:ducklips: ducklips ducklips
:hahafu: hahafu hahafu
:ballbricker: ballbricker ballbricker
:stare: skateboardp skateboardp
:ohmgee: ohmgee ohmgee
:jokerclap: jokerclap jokerclap
:facepalm3: facepalm3 facepalm3
:isurrender: isurrender isurrender
:ariens: ariens ariens
:abandonthread: abandonthread abandonthread
:jaypause2: jaypause2 jaypause2
:whitey: Whiteyyyyy!!!! Whiteyyyyy!!!!
:germane: Jermaine Jermaine
:salute: salute salute
:beetus: beetus beetus
:wat: wat wat

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