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Brown GM 05-07-2016 12:27 PM

Magic The Gathering
Thinking of picking it up again, I'd never get into the pro tour but it's still a fun game to pick up from time to time. We're all nerds in the end of some sort...

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Jon Heder

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Mach 05-07-2016 03:00 PM

Pokemon cards :shifty:

Brown GM 05-07-2016 03:10 PM

Yu Gi Oh! is the top selling card game asshole.

Mach 05-07-2016 06:26 PM

I didn't play that fag shit though.

jalexjsmithj 05-09-2016 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by "Tennessee" Henry Cobb (Post 158897)
Yu Gi Oh! is the top selling card game asshole.

That's what I play, cheaper and quicker games.

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Brown GM 07-26-2016 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by Mach (Post 158896)
Pokemon cards :shifty:

Pokemon Go

Mach 07-27-2016 12:03 AM

thought about it

Prettyflacco 01-15-2017 07:50 AM

That shit was so fun I miss it fr IDC IDC

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