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Formerly Known 10-01-2015 06:21 PM

The 2015 NFL Week 4: Where the Jets go 3-1!
Vick vs. road Flacco tonight, so that should a barn burner...and yeah, Sunday morning football this week.

Uhhh...I got nothing.

Hammer 10-01-2015 08:21 PM

im hoping for a lot of giant hits and sloppy disgustingness defensive play. michael vick should help that, im fairly confident joe flacco should too. i know i got a couple plays tonight... steve smith in one league, le'veon in another. ill check up in a minute.

Formerly Known 10-01-2015 08:24 PM

I'm running Stevie in 4, Forsett in 4, Bell in 2, Maxx in 2 and Baltimore DST in one.

Yeah, I'm not too excited about this one.

Hammer 10-01-2015 08:25 PM

gml -- flacco
$50 -- stevonne
$100/8 -- le'veon, tucker
$100/10 -- tucker

gml -- tucker
$10 -- yakuza
$50 -- miller
$100/10 -- stevonne

Formerly Known 10-01-2015 08:28 PM

Oooh, if Vick gets hurt, we get the hilarity of Landry Jones playing QB!

Formerly Known 10-01-2015 08:30 PM

Alright :elolite:, let us get a few to Maxwell, please?

Hammer 10-01-2015 08:31 PM

looking at those plays/against... im not sure what i want. a lot of le'veon on the steelers side... on the ravens side?

Formerly Known 10-01-2015 08:32 PM

On the Ravens side...uhhh...hope Kamar Aiken has a pulse? Or my Maxx Williams play works out, I guess?

Hammer 10-01-2015 08:35 PM

lets go maxx!

Hammer 10-01-2015 08:36 PM

you know what i want most of all? a safety dance.

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