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Formerly Known 12-10-2015 05:33 PM

The 2015 NFL Week 14: (Insert Browns joke here.)
Vikings set to get blown out by Arizona tonight, so there's that.

Refs to come.

Formerly Known 12-10-2015 05:36 PM

Week 14
Vikings at Cardinals— Gene Steratore
Bills at Eagles — Ed Hochuli
Seahawks at Ravens — Walt Coleman
49ers at Browns — John Hussey
Lions at Rams — Walt Anderson
Titans at Jets — Jerome Boger
Steelers at Bengals — John Parry
Colts at Jaguars — Carl Cheffers
Chargers at Chiefs — Pete Morelli
Washington at Bears — Ron Torbert
Falcons at Panthers — Tony Corrente
Saints at Buccaneers — Clete Blakeman
Raiders at Broncos — Bill Vinovich
Cowboys at Packers — Brad Allen
Patriots at Texans— Jeff Triplette
Giants at Dolphins— Craig Wrolstad

Formerly Known 12-10-2015 05:36 PM

And after seeing the officiating assignments, I now feel better about getting blown out.

Mach 12-10-2015 07:01 PM

Sorry Hammer

Hammer 12-10-2015 07:59 PM

come on really

Formerly Known 12-10-2015 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by Hammer (Post 141501)
come on really

I think it's only fair.

Mach's team needs to move to San Antonio, my team gets the league's #1 offense without 4 defensive starters & you get Boger'd.

Formerly Known 12-10-2015 08:24 PM


Formerly Known 12-10-2015 08:30 PM

Palmer throws Shaub level lob to the outside, X just watches Fells catch it.

This is going to pathetically bad.

Formerly Known 12-10-2015 08:31 PM

Ugh, put in Waynes. Trade X to the Jets.

Formerly Known 12-10-2015 08:33 PM

Ugh, take out Waynes. Put in Josh Robinson.

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