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2016 Team Pages A listing of the rosters

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Default Jacksonville Jaguars

Player, Cap Number, (Cut Dead Money), (Trade Dead Money), Cap if traded

Blake Bortles $5,633,128 ($12,205,111), ($6,670,836), $2,297,710
Colt McCoy $525,000
Dak Prescott $502,307

TJ Yeldon $1,344,040 ($2,624,504), ($1,920,696), $703,808
Mike Davis $525,000
Paul Perkins $578,148
Aaron Green $482,394

Allen Robinson $957,510 ($436,680), ($436,680), $739,170
Allen Hurns $601,668 ($1,668), ($1,668), $600,000
Rashad Greene $585,954 ($182,862), ($182,862), $525,00
Andre Holmes $525,000
Rashard Higgins $616,360
Demarcus Robinson $476,914

Julius Thomas $7,300,000 ($10,800,000), ($4,800,000), $6,100,000
Martellus Bennett $5,185,000 ($0)
Luke Willson $675,000 ($0)
Rhett Ellison $525,000

Brandon Linder $745,400 ($266,800), ($266,800), $612,000
Jeremy Parnell $6,500,000 ($6,500,000), ($0), $6,500,000
Luke Joeckel $6,745,963 ($6,745,963), ($3,449,836), $3,296,127
Luke Bowanko $623,513 ($47,026), ($47,026), $600,000
Mike Pouncey $9,025,000 ($0)
Hugh Thornton $725,000
Brandon Fusco $3,250,000
Mackenzy Bernadeau $525,000
Andre Smith $2,000,000

Jared Odrick $8,000,000 ($8,000,000), ($0), $8,000,000
Roy Miller $3,975,000 ($300,000), ($300,000), $3,875,000
Michael Bennett $559,675 ($104,025), ($104,025), $525,000
Dante Fowler Jr $5,338,691 ($19,219,287), ($11,507,859), $1,502,738
Timmy Jernigan $753,782 ($0)
Dontari Poe $6,146,000 ($0)
Bruce Irvin $10,000,000
Andre Branch $625,000
Shaq Lawson $2,086,541
Robert Nkemdiche $1,019,551

Telvin Smith $652,763 ($105,526), ($105,526), $600,000
Jordan Hicks $543,000 ($0)
Vincent Rey $3,000,000
Keenan Robinson $525,000
Emmanuel Lamur $525,000
Daryl Smith $725,000

Sean Smith $16,000,000
Prince Amukamara $10,000,000
Casey Hayward $11,000,000
Demetrius McCray $691,741 ($16,741), ($16,741), $675,000
EJ Gaines $600,000 ($0)

Jonathan Cyprien $1,740,170 ($589,382), ($589,382), $1,150,788
Joshua Evans $707,205 ($32,205), ($32,205), $675,000
Matt Elam $1,327,773 ($0)
Tashaun Gipson $8,000,000
Andrew Sendjeo $525,000

Jason Myers $525,000 ($0), ($0), $525,000
Jeff Locke $525,000

TOTAL SALARY: $149,384,855
SALARY CAP: $155,000,000
CAP SPACE: $2,204,006

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Draft Picks

1-14 - DE Shaq Lawson, Clemson
2-42 - DL Robert Nkemdiche, Ole Miss
3-87 - WR Rashard Higgins, Colorado St.
4-118 - RB Paul Perkins, UCLA
5-153 - QB Dak Prescott, Miss State
6-170 - RB Aaron Green, TCU
C.6B - WR Demarcus Robinson, Florida

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NY Jets Trade:
CB Antonio Cromartie $8,000,000 (0)

Jacksonville Jaguars Trade:
ILB/OLB Dan Skuta $3,600,000 ($0)


Jags send
CB Davon House
Salary 6,000,000
Trade Dead Money $0
New Salary $6,000,000
Cut dead money $3,500,000
Draft pick: 7.5

Bears send:
TE Martellus Bennett
Salary $6,310,000
Trade dead money $1,125,000
New salary $5,185,000
Draft Pick: 5.11

Jags send:
WR Marqise Lee
Trade Dead Money: $1,041,462
New salary: $890,366

Rams send:
CB EJ Gaines
Trade Dead Money: $53,836
New Salary: $600,000

Carolina trades:
5.156 and 7.220 draft picks

Jacksonville trades:
6.26 draft pick and Denard Robinson (cap hit for Carolina of $675,000)

Jags send:
S Sergio Brown $2,250,000 ($0)

Browns send
The Eagles trade:

Jordan Hicks ($706,183 / -$489,549) Trade Cap: $543,000

to the Jaguars for:

James Sample ($662,145 / -$411,435) Trade Cap: $525,000

Jags send:

Ravens send:
S Matt Elam $2,140,997 ($813,224)
Originally Posted by Sean View Post
Miami Dolphins trade:
C Mike Pouncey
Dolphins Cap: $10,025,000
Dolphins Trade Dead Money: $4,000,000
Dolphins Cap Saved: $6,025,000
Jags New Cap: $9,025,000
Jags New Trade Dead: $0

Jacksonville Jaguars trade:
CB Aaron Colvin
Jags Cap: $713,288
Jags Trade Dead Money: $226,576
Jags Cap Saved: $486,712
Dolphins New Cap: $600,000
Dolphins New Trade Dead: $0
Draft Pick: 5.134

Jags send
DL Tyson Alualu $3,000,000 ($1,250,000)

Seahawks send:
TE Luke Willson $719,633 ($0)

Jags send:
LB Paul Posluszny $4,666,666 ($333,334)

Colts send:

Ravens send:
DT Timmy Jernigan $1,195,337 ($753,782)

Jags send:
DT Sen'Derrick Marks $4,675,000 ($400,000)
The Miami Dolphins & Jacksonville Jaguars have agreed to a trade:

The Miami Dolphins send:
3rd round pick 87 overall
4th round pick 125 overall
7th round pick 199 overall

The Jacksonville Jaguars send:
CB Dwayne Gratz $964,470 ($174,394)
4th round pick 100 overall
5th round pick 143 overall
5th round pick 156 overall
6th round pick 188 overall
7th round pick 191 overall

Jags send
OG AJ Cann 785,399 (601,197)

Chiefs send
DT Dontari Poe 6,146,000 (0)

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RB Joe Banyard $675,000 ($0)
RB Corey Grant $526,666 ($3,334)
WR Arrelious Benn $675,000 ($0)
WR Neal Sterling $525,000 ($0)
WR Tony Washington $525,000 ($0)
WR Damian Copeland $451,668 ($1,668)
DL Richard Ash $450,000 ($0)
DL Chris Smith $600,000 ($0)
LB Joplu Bartu $675,000 ($0)
LB Jordan Tripp $600,000 ($0)
LB Thurston Armbrister $529,166 ($8,334)
CB Peyton Thompson $600,000 ($0)
S Craig Loston $600,000 ($0)
LS Carson Tinker $675,000 ($0)
RB Toby Gerhart $3,500,000 ($0)
DE Chris Clemons $4,000,000 ($0)
OL Zane Beadles $5,500,000 ($0)
CB Antonio Cromartie $8,000,000 ($0)
OT Josh Wells $526,000 ($1,000)
CB Nick Marshall $526,666 ($3,334)
LB Hayes Pullard $525,000 ($0)
OL Tyler Shatley $601,668 ($1,668)

Dead Money: $19,338

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Free Agent Signings

FS Tashaun Gipson $8,000,000
CB Casey Hayward $11,000,000
CB Sean Smith $16,000,000
CB Prince Amukamara $10,000,000
DL/LB Bruce Irvin $10,000,000
QB Tavaris Jackson $525,000
RB Matt Asiata $525,000
WR Andre Holmes $525,000
TE Rhett Ellison $525,000
TE Andrew Quarless $525,000
OG Mackenzy Bernadeau $525,000
OC Ryan Wendell $525,000
DE Wallace Gilberry $525,000
DE Eugene Sims $525,000
LB Emmanuel Lamar $525,000
LB Vincent Rey $3,000,000
LB Keenan Robinson $525,000
FS Andrew Sendejo $525,000
DE Andre Branch $625,000
OL Andre Smith $2,000,000

Cut Free Agent Signings

WR Jeremy Kerley $525,000
OG Hugh Thornton $725,000
QB Peyton Manning $1,250,000
P Jeff Locke $525,000

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Our goal for the 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars was to complete the rebuild that has been going on for nearly a decade. After evaluating the roster, our goal was to completely rebuild, mainly focusing on players 28 and under. Coming into the offseason we felt that the team had a nice, young offensive core to build around. Our goal was to add pieces to the offensive line and add complementary pieces to Bortles-Yeldon-Robinson-Hurns quintet that would be able to continue to grow with them.

Defensively the team was a mess. It was mixed with failed free agent signings, aging veterans, and underachieving draft picks. Defensively is where we knew we needed to focus most of our efforts and resources, with the main goal to add difference makers. To highlight, here are the name of some of the defensive starters in 2015: Chris Clemons, Paul Posluszny, Dan Skuta, and Sergio Brown.

1. Blake Bortles (28) – 35 TD, 18 INT, 4428 yd
2. Colt McCoy (29) – 25 career starts
3. Dak Prescott (22) – Rookie
The Jaguars finally have a franchise QB that they can build around. Bortles showed tremendous growth last season going from 11-17 TD/INT ratio in 2014 to 35/18 last season and leading multiple game winning drives. His season was over looked due to their win/loss record, which is mostly to blame on the defense. McCoy was brought in to provide a veteran presence and Prescott was too good of a value to pass up in the 5th round. He will provide a cheap, developmental prospect who can hopefully be a valuable trade chip down the line.

Running Backs
1. TJ Yeldon (22) – 4.1 ypc, 36 rec
2. Paul Perkins (21) - Rookie
3. Mike Davis (23) – ’15 4th round pick
4. Aaron Green (23) – Rookie
This is a young group with a lot of exciting potential. Yeldon is expected to be the workhorse starter, but each back figures to have a role in the offense. Yeldon showed off his ability as a well-rounded back. He displayed the ability to be a workhorse last season, as well as the ability to contribute in the passing game. Perkins was our favorite RB in the draft and showed ankle breaking ability on tape. He is expected to be the change of pass back in our committee. Davis is another favorite of ours from last year’s draft (drafted him in 4th round last year). He is a bigger back that adds a different dimension to our rotation. Green is an excellent receiving option and expected to have a role on 3rd downs.

Wide Receivers
1. Allen Robinson (22) – 1400yd, 14 TD
2. Allen Hurns (24) – 1031yd, 10 TD
3. Rashad Greene (23) – PR TD
4. Rashard Higgins (21) - Rookie
5. Andre Holmes (27) – 4 TD
6. Demarcus Robinson (24) - Rookie
The Allen brothers make-up arguable the best 1-2 WR combo in the NFL and the most exciting part is they have yet to hit their prime with both just entering their 3rd season. They will be heavily targeted once again, but have also added a few other complementary pieces. Greene and Higgins are both highly productive college receivers and will compete for the slot position. We feel very secure in our top 4 WRs and decided to take some home run swings to fill out our depth chart. Robinson is a very talented prospect that comes with some character concerns and Holmes is a big bodied, athletic WR that never really settled with Oakland. Holmes has been productive when given the opportunity (8 TD past 2 seasons).

Tight End
1. Julius Thomas (27) – 2x Probowl
2. Martellus Bennett (29) – 916yd (’14)
3. Luke Willson (26) – 5 career TDs
4. Rhett Ellison (27) - TE/Hback/FB
One of our biggest additions this offseason was adding Martellus Bennett, which really changed our offensive approach. Our base offense will be 2WR-2TE and figures to cause matchup nightmares (similar to NE this upcoming season). The combination of Thomas and Bennett will be a terror in the redzone and should give the Allen brothers plenty of room on the outside. Willson is an athletic receiving TE with 24 starts over the last 3 seasons and the Seahawks offense didn’t miss a beat when he replaced Graham last year. Ellison was brought in to play Hback/FB and figures to have a prominent role as a blocker in our goal line and short yardage formations.

Offensive Line
1. Luke Joeckel (24) – 35 starts
2. Brandon Linder (24) – PFF Probowl
3. Mike Pouncey (26) – 3x Probowl
4. Brandon Fusco (27) – 50 starts
5. Jeremy Parnell (29) – 69 games
6. Andre Smith (29) – 73 starts
7. Hugh Thornton (24) – 32 starts
8. Luke Bowanko (24)
9. Mackenzy Bernadeau (30) – 49 starts
This is a unit that we wanted to upgrade as well as improve the depth. We brought in Probowl C Mike Pouncey to anchor the middle. Fusco will return to RG, where he is more comfortable and has been an above average guard before being misplaced at LG last season. Getting Linder back from injury is also a big addition for the line. As for the depth, we added former #6 overall pick Andre Smith, Hugh Thornton and Bernadeau who all have starting experience.


We have made a complete overhaul on defense and turned an atrocious 2015 defense into a young, exciting unit with young play makers at every level that has the potential to be among the best in the league. With the changes to league over the past decade, our defense was designed to play in a base nickel formation, with the ability to play multiple fronts.

Defensive Ends
1. Dante Fowler Jr (21) - #3 Pick
2. Bruce Irvin (28) – 22 career sacks
3. Shaq Lawson (21) – Rookie
4. Andre Branch (26) – 4 sacks
The combination of Fowler and Lawson has the potential to be as good of a 1-2 punch as any in the league and figure to be our starting DE in our base formation for years to come. Irvin was brought in to be a moveable chess piece. We plan to have him lineup at DE and LB and utilize his versatility. Branch is an intriguing talent that has flashed potential and was retained to add depth to the unit.

Defensive Tackle
1. Dontari Poe (25) – 2x Probowl
2. Jared Odrick (28) – 5.5 sacks
3. Timmy Jernigan (23) – 4 sacks
4. Robert Nkemdiche (21) - Rookie
5. Michael Bennett (23)
When we had the opportunity to land Poe, it was something that we jumped at and feel he is the key to our entire defense. It was important for us to get someone who can anchor our run defense from a nickel formation. Poe has proven his ability to anchor strong run defenses in KC and has shown the stamina to play more snaps than any DT in the league. With Poe mainly responsible for anchoring the run D, we wanted to pair him with a mix of versatile pass rushers. Odrick and Jernigan excel as pass rushers and with Poe eating up double teams, should see plenty of opportunities. Nkemdiche was someone who was too good of a talent to drop as far as he did and we had to trade up to get him.

We are intrigued with the versatility and depth of the entire DL group. We have the ability to play many formations. Our primary formation will be a 4-3 with Fowler-Odrick-Poe-Lawson/Irvin, but we can go with a 3-4 option of Odrick-Poe-Jernigan with a combination of Irvin, Fowler, and Lawson at OLB. Due to the versatility of Odrick and Nkemdiche, we also have the option of going with a bigger 4-3 look on occasions with Odrick-Jernigan-Poe-Fowler and can also put Irvin at OLB in these looks.
All told, we believe the foundation of a good defense is building through the DL and we are excited with the deep, young unit that we have put together.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 873x640.

1. Jordan Hicks (23) – 2 INT, 50 Tack (8 games)
2. Telvin Smith (24) – 128 tackles
3. Vincent Rey (28) – 98 tackles
4. Daryl Smith (34) – 121 tackles, 3 sacks
5. Keenan Robinson (26) – 109 tackles (’14)
6. Emmanuel Lamur (26) – 91 tackles (’14)
Linebacker play was abysmal for the Jaguars last year and we completely retooled with only Telvin Smith being retained. Hicks was the favorite for defensive rookie of the year before being injured and is someone that we are hoping can lead the unit. Majority of the time we will be playing with 2 LBs and we like the mix of Hicks in pass coverage with Telvin as a run defender. Rey and Daryl Smith will compete for the SLB position when we move to our 4-3 defense. While Daryl is getting up there in age, he has still shown the ability to play and with a more limited role should remain effective.

1. Sean Smith (28) – 81 career PD
2. Prince Amukamara (26) – 63 tackles (11 games)
3. Casey Hayward (26) – 9 career INT
4. EJ Gaines (24) – 14 PD (’14)
5. Demetrius McCray (24) - 25 tackles
When the GML started, we pegged Sean Smith as our #1 FA target and were going to spend whatever we needed to land him. We love his size and ability to match up with #1 WRs. Amukamara and Hayward were also big money signings, but we believe they fit the role we have them pegged for and were worth the money. Prince hasn’t lived up to expectations as a #1, but should excel as a #2. Some may believe we overpaid for Hayward, but he is one of the best NCB in the league and that is exactly what we will ask him to do. With us figuring to be in our nickel defense over 50% of the time, it was imperative to acquire a shutdown nickel. Gaines was excellent as a rookie, but missed last season with injury and thus has been over looked. In 2014 he was arguably the best rookie CB in the league and is one of the reasons the Rams were comfortable letting Jenkins walk this year. We have very high hopes for him, especially as a #4.

1. Tashaun Gipson (25) – 14 career INT
2. Jonathan Cyprien (25) – 326 career tackles
3. Matt Elam (24) – ’13 1st round pick
4. Joshua Evans (24) – 53 tackles
5. Andrew Sendejo (28) – 74 tackles
When Gipson wasn’t franchised, we immediately targeted him as another player that we needed to acquire. It’s not often that you can land a young turnover machine in Free Agency, for compared to the rest of the market, what we would consider a bargain ($8mil). Gipson had a little bit of a down year for his standards in 2015, but really who didn’t in Cleveland? As was mentioned previously, our main objective was to add playmakers. There aren’t very many who have proven to be better over the past 3 years than Gipson, who is just entering his prime. Cyprien has been a favorite of ours since FIU and is better as an in the box safety, which he should have the opportunity to play more of now since being paired with Gipson. We expect Elam and Cyprien to battle for starting strong safety job. Evans is a great special teams player and should combine with Sendejo to provide the unit with a good amount of depth

1. Jason Myers (24) – 58yd long
2. Jeff Locke (26) – 43.4 career avg

1.14 - DE Shaq Lawson, Clemson
2.42 – DT Robert Nkemdiche, Ole Miss
3.87 – WR Rashard Higgins, Colorado State
4.118 – RB Paul Perkins, UCLA
5.153- QB Dak Prescott, Miss State
6.170 – RB Aaron Green, TCU
C.6B – WR Demarcus Robinson, Florida

Going into the draft our goal was to add a pass rusher. BK did a good job of making us think that Bosa was going #1, so our target was Lawson from the beginning and we were thrilled he lasted to 14 after we traded down from 5. Nkemdiche was a value pick and too good to pass up. We took Higgins a little higher than we would have liked, but as everyone knows, WRs go early in the GML so we had to reach a little bit. Perkins is our hands down favorite player in the draft and we are very happy to trade up to get him at the end of a RB run in the 4th. Prescott was again too good of a value to pass up. With our last 2 picks we had our roster pretty much set, so we were just looking for guys who could supplant someone already on our roster and took a shot on Green and Robinson

Key Free Agent Signings:
- Sean Smith $16,000,000
- Prince Amukamara $10,000,000
- Casey Hayward $11,000,000
- Tashaun Gipson $8,000,000
- Bruce Irvin $10,000,000
- Andre Smith $2,000,000
- Vincent Rey $3,000,000
Our goal when the GML started was to trade off the veteran pieces that had no part of our rebuild and load up with young guys mostly on rookie contracts (please refer to the below trade section for more analysis). By unloading veterans for young guys, it filled our roster with cheap, young guys with high potential and allowed us to spend big in Free Agency on difference makers. We could have went into Free Agency and signed 2nd tier talent for less of a price, but that wasn’t what the Jaguars were in need of. We went shopping for play makers and believe we acquired 3 of the top 4 available CBs, the #1 FS, and one of the best pass rushers and completely revamped our defense.

Key Trades:
1. TE Martellus Bennett + 5th for CB Davon House + 7th.
Quite frankly, we didn’t believe House was worth his contract ($6,000,000) and were excited to add Bennett, which pretty much solidified our offense and allowed us to focus on the defense. The pick swap was icing on the cake.

2. LB Jordan Hicks for S James Sample
We believe we acquired the potential defensive rookie of the year and someone who can anchor our LB unit for a backup safety. Sample has talent, but didn’t show much last year.

3. Matt Elam + 3.86 for 3.69
We acquired potentially our starting SS and it only cost us moving down 15 spots in the 3rd. We ended up trading the 3.86, so we feel we essentially acquired Elam for free

4. Mike Pouncey for Aaron Colvin + 5th
We didn’t want to trade Colvin, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to solidify our OL by adding a probowl C.

5. Timmy Jernigan + 6th for Sen’Derrick Marks + 3rd
This was a move that allowed us to cut nearly $4mil in salary and acquire a better player for a pick swap. We loved Jernigan coming out and he’s proven his ability as a pass rusher. We were debating cutting Marks, so from our perspective, we acquired Jernigan and a 6th for a 3rd which we are happy with

6. Dontari Poe + 1.14 for AJ Cann + 1.5 + 4th + 7th
As we mentioned in our position review, Poe is a huge part of our defense and was worth the price. The swap from 1.5 to 1.14 wasn’t a big deal for us as we were targeting a pass rusher and didn’t feel the value would be there at 1.5 and we landed our target (Lawson) at 1.14 anyway. We believe Cann will be a good OG, but thought he could be replaced.

7. EJ Gaines for Marqise Lee.
Gaines is someone that really liked as a depth player and Lee was just someone who didn’t fit with our roster makeup. I prefer Gaines over Lee as a player, but this was probably a win-win for both teams

8. Some deals that look minor, but really add up. We would have likely cut all of these players and were able to get value for them all:
Denard Robinson + 6th for 5th + 7th
Tyson Alualu for Luke Willson
Paul Posluszny for 5th
Dwayne Gratz + picks for better picks
Sergio Brown + 7.220 for 7.191

Depth Chart
Offense: Base 2WR/2TE
QB: Blake Bortles / Colt McCoy / Dak Prescott
RB: TJ Yeldon / Paul Perkins / Mike Davis / Aaron Green
WR: Allen Robinson / Rashad Greene / Andre Holmes
WR: Allen Hurns / Rashard Higgins / Demarcus Robinson
TE: Julius Thomas / Luke Willson
TE: Martellus Bennett / Rhett Ellison (Hback, FB)
LT: Luke Joeckel / Jeremy Parnell
LG: Brandon Linder / Hugh Thornton
C: Mike Pouncey / Luke Bowanko
RG: Brandon Fusco / Mackenzy Bernadeau
RT: Jeremy Parnell / Andre Smith

Defense: Base Nickel
DE: Dante Fowler / Andre Branch
DE: Shaq Lawson / Bruce Irvin
DT: Dontari Poe / Timmy Jernigan
DT: Jared Odrick / Robert Nkemdiche / Michael Bennett
LB: Jordan Hicks / Daryl Smith / Emmanuel Lamur
LB: Telvin Smith / Vincent Rey / Keenan Robinson
CB: Sean Smith / Demetrius McCray
CB: Prince Amukamara / EJ Gaines
NCB: Casey Hayward
FS: Tashaun Gipson / Joshua Evans / Andrew Sendejo
SS: Jonathan Cyprien / Matt Elam
K: Josh Myers
P: Jeff Locke
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